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Mindful Poetry - a course for blind and visually impaired people - a few places left!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

magnifying glass on newspaper
Magnifying glass placed on a newspaper

What is it?

A series of workshops to explore mindfulness and poetry

When is it?

20th March 2021


via zoom

Who is it for?

Blind and visually impaired adults, their support workers, friends and family


Mindfulness is a form of meditation which is used to combat stress, anxiety and depression. Poetry has been used for centuries to convey thoughts and feelings on a particular subject. This course combines mindfulness and poetry to help you craft poems and prose. Listen to the way poetry can be used in meditation below.


Gentle movement and mindfulness

Creative writing exercises

Includes 2 sessions with guest poets to provide readings and guidance

Mindful poetry Facebook group

Online poetry exhibition

What can you learn?

Learn the basics of mindfulness

Discover the benefits of journalling

Write your own poems

Meet other like-minded people


Taught online via Zoom in eight 2 hour sessions

Starts in 20th March 2021 11am-1pm

No experience necessary


This course is bought to you by RBKC Arts Grants and is Free of charge to participants

Enrol via email

Read about your facilitator here

If you have already enrolled for this course, there is nothing else you need to do, please await further details.

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