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Launching BAME Vision !

I am pleased to announce I am now a committee member of BAME Vision, a group which has been brought together to highlight the needs of BAME blind and partially sighted people. See our press release below. We are launching with a series of workshops for National Eye Health week (NEHW). National eye health week exists to promote the importance of good eye health and the need for regular eye tests for all. This year the week runs from 20 - 26th September.

[Image is of the BAME Vision logo. Four solid circles overlapping in different shades of brown, tan, coffee and beige. The word BAME is written in white within them, and the word written below in light brown.]

Press release: BAME Vision launches new website and National Eye Health Week Workshops

BAME Vision is a newly formed group made up of professionals from the eye health and sight-loss sectors as well as those with lived experience to create a dynamic and diverse team. The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Vision group originally would have sat with Vision UK, but after their closure in 2020, Chairs Bhavini Makwana and Adam Mapani decided to continue and meet with the group to discuss their future.

“Whilst having meetings to explore our priorities, vision and mission, we have also been engaging with ethnic groups on various platforms and creating and sharing content in a variety of languages. We have seen great impact within the communities, especially the talks provided by members from our team Subash Suthar and Jayshree Vasani” shared Bhavini Makwana, Chair.

Themed workshops

On 19th September, BAME Vision will launch a series of workshops for this year’s National Eye Health Week. Some of the topics we will cover are:

· What is National Eye Health Week?

· Live Well, See Well

· Diet and Nutrition

· Dry Eyes and screen usage

· Sight after 60

· The importance of regular eye checks

· Sharing mindfulness and ways to relax

· Discussing eye conditions most prevalent in BAME communities

· And more!

The workshops will be presented by professionals, consultants and those with lived experience sharing information and talking about personal experiences in different languages. There will also be a question and answer segment at the end of each session.

The workshops are open to anyone in the eye health and sight-loss sectors, those at risk of sight loss or with a vision impairment, family & friends or anyone wishing to seek information in different languages and interested in finding out more.

How to book

On 1st September we will launch our programme of workshops through our social media channels listed below, so please keep an eye on these to find out more and book your place! Alternatively, you can email to receive the full schedule.

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