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Dr. Beverley Duguid


InsightMind uses an intersectional approach to difference. This means we work in a holistic way addressing the whole person. We see society as constructing the barriers which can be disabling but as Audre Lorde said we can use ‘human difference as a springboard for creating change within our lives.


Dr Beverley Duguid is the founder of InsightMind

She is also a teacher, writer, poet and historian. From a young age, she was naturally interested in what was ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ with the world. She’s spent her life researching, writing and campaigning against social injustices - chiefly racism, sexism and more recently spreading awareness about visual impairment, particularly amongst African and Caribbean communities.


In 2009 Beverley was diagnosed with glaucoma, despite failing sight, she graduated with a PhD in gender history from Royal Holloway in 2010.


Living with glaucoma prompted Beverley to deepen her spiritual connection, through first mindfulness and then after giving angel card readings to friends and family, she discovered she had a gift for delivering clear and compassionate advice. Using her intuition she gently guides people to find their life purpose, next steps, or with emotional issues. 


Beverley loves herbalism, yoga, mindfulness, charcoal sketching and collage!