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How I work

The mind, body and spirit connection is a way to understand how we exist in the world. One aspect cannot exist without the other. 


The mind holds our thoughts and emotional aspects. The body is our physical structure, the vessel holding our actual brain, body parts, cells and tissues. Our body also communicates to us through symptoms (illness) and physical sensations what it is feeling.


Our spirit is a carrier for our mind, emotions and body – an invisible hand holding us together. 


Our emotions are ethereal. Belief or faith help us to deal with the intangibility of emotions.  You may have heard the phrase ‘we are spiritual beings having a human experience.’


When the body, mind and emotions are disconnected by disease, anxiety, depression or the results of trauma we cannot live a life of ease and fulfilment and our mind, body and emotions will not be in alignment.


InsightMind aims to live a life of ease and fulfilment where our mind, body, emotions and spirit are all in alignment.

Insight Mind

‘The only thing we are dealing with is a thought, and a thought can be changed’

- Louise Hay

Research says that working in a mindful way helps to increase productivity and decreases time off work due to sickness. 


Mindfulness teaches us how to develop a moment by moment awareness. By being in that moment, through sitting practices we learn to cope with difficult situations like stress, anxiety and the symptoms of depression such as insomnia.


Mindfulness also teaches us to cultivate the senses. When she was diagnosed with Glaucoma, Beverley found mindfulness the perfect practice.


Beverley  said: ‘I could close my eyes, put aside my eye condition and just listen’. 

Teenagers in Nature

"Beverley has been a regular contributor to London Vision, providing insights and resources to blind and partially sighted people on mindfulness and wellbeing during the Pandemic.  Her practice is inclusive and informed by her own lived experience of sight loss. Her words have really struck a chord with people during this challenging time."

- Cathy Low, London Vision 2020

Insight Body

‘‘Racism is a heart disease, and it is curable’. - Ruth King



There is a growing body of thought that trauma caused by the difficulties we live through because of inequalities in society, can be buried deep in the body for years, even generations and it can be cured from inside using mindfulness and alternative therapies. 


InsightMind agrees with this thinking. Discomfort can be caused by an imbalance in our emotions which show up as anxiety, stress, or even anger. Mindful movement and walking can be helpful for many conditions especially stress. 



Yoga Session

"Beverley, is a professional writer and poet, exploring issues of sight loss, grief and trauma. Her work is informed by her own personal experience as a woman of colour and her deep understanding of 'otherness'. She is committed to helping people find new and inspiring ways of managing difficult and painful life experiences, through a combination of mindful practices, yoga, creativity and compassion."

- Jenneba Sie-Jalloh 2020

Insight Spirit

‘There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one’. 

- Paul The Apostle

As we see from the above quote the teachings of the divine spirit are perfect for guiding those who may feel lost, different, alone or searching for their life purpose. .   

Spirit sees all the individuals in his/her creation as unique, but equal. Our Spirit is an expression of the creator, the divine, source, God, the universe, whatever you feel comfortable calling it. 

Beverley intuitively guides her clients with compassion, clarity and kindness. By examining a broad meaning of ‘spiritual teachings’ we will find your way together. 


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