National Eye Health Week: BAME Vision workshop

BAME Vision will be hosting a series of workshops around the theme of National Eye Health Week, which runs from Monday 20th September – Sunday 26th September 2021.

Workshops will include; Who are BAME Vision, discussing themes around National Eye Health Week, the importance of regular eye check-ups and what can be detected from a simple sight test. We will also be talking about Dry Eyes, Cataracts, Diet & Nutrition, sight after 60 and sharing messages around Live Well See Well, with a particular session focusing on Mental Health Awareness & Mindfulness, plus more.

We will hear from BAME Vision, expert health consultants and those who will be sharing their personal stories living with different eye conditions

Workshop 5 – Sunday 26th September 2021, 1-2pm

Dry Eyes, Cataracts and myth busting

Speakers: Mandy Davidson- Professional Affairs Manager – Scope & Dry Eyes Specialist

Subhash Suthar – Clinical Applications Specialist

In this session:

· Dry Eyes: Common signs, its symptoms & its causes,

· Management or remedies of Dry Eyes,

· Cataracts: Common signs, its symptoms & its causes,

We will hear from lived experience speaker, Ifzal Khan, who will talk about living with Achromatopsia & a form of Macular Degeneration.

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